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Fox Liquor Bar opened in 2011 on the corner of Wilmington Street and Martin Street.  Ashley Christensen of Poole’s Diner developed three concepts in one building.  The first, Beasley’s Chicken and Honey opened, then Chuck’s the burger-only restaurant opened next door and the final in the trilogy, Fox Liquor Bar, opened. Fox is all about entertaining.  Ashley Christensen is the consummate entertainer, after all dinner parties are what got her into this restaurant game.

Fox Liquor Bar is the pinnacle of that vision.  A custom bar designed by Christensen herself, big couches, private bathrooms and careful lighting, Fox is all about comfort.  Christensen toured to see the best cocktail bars in the United States.  She talked to her many friends working at bars like the Clover Club in Brooklyn NY and Drink in Boston. She also brought in the cocktail mercenary Karin Stanley, a sought-after mixologist who does tours of duty rotating through bars in New York like a popular band.

Artsplosure is Raleigh’s nonprofit art and cultural events production studio. They are curators, collaborators and risk-takers dedicated to fulfilling our mission of bringing rich cultural experiences to the community they serve.5.2015-05-15 11.08.31

History since its first festival in April 1980, Artsplosure has presented scores of outdoor programs and large-scale festivals featuring thousands of established and emerging visual, performing, and interdisciplinary artists in numerous traditional and
non-traditional indoor venues and outdoor settings.  7.2015-05-15 11.08.35

Artsplosure was initially organized in 1978 by the Raleigh Arts Commission to produce high quality and accessible arts festivals, and to serve as an umbrella organization for emerging and established arts groups seeking to reach wider audiences. The first event was remarkable: a citywide arts festival that combined an “explosion” of art activity with people’s “exposure” to all types of art. This month-long celebration of the arts featured 58 different performing groups and presented 560 artists in 16 sites around the city.

Since then, Artsplosure has put on dozens of other events, including the popular First Night Raleigh beginning in 1992. 9.2015-05-15 11.13.11Other events have included the Jazz & Blue Music Festival, a series of Arts Alive on Lichtin Plaza events, and the African American Cultural Festival.

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Red Hat had a vision for developing better software. Since then, they worked with an ecosystem of IT leaders, open source advocates, developers, and partners to create the perfect foundation for the future of IT. But that was just the beginning.

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They believe open, hybrid technology is the future of IT. The operating system for the cloud is open source. Hybrid IT is a reality in every organization, and ultimately, open technology gives you control over today’s trends and your own future.

Briggs Hardware: Soon after the building was completed, a legend circulated about how Thomas Briggs was able to afford to build such a large and elaborate building following the Civil War. The legend claimed that sometime prior to the Union occupation of Raleigh in 1865, Briggs converted all of his Confederate money into gold and silver coins.

11.2015-05-15 11.47.17He then took the coins, stuffed them into pipes, found a distinctive grove of trees, and buried the money to prevent Union soldiers from stealing the money. When the soldiers arrived in Raleigh they set up camp near the grove of trees and cut them down. After the troops left, Briggs allegedly spent the next few years searching for his money. When he finally found the coins, he used the money to build his new hardware store.

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The Raleigh City Council adopted ordinances in 2014 designating The Mecca as a Historic Landmark.

The Mecca is a restaurant that has served food to downtown Raleigh customers at its current location on Martin Street since 1935.