After the 2-1/2 hour train ride to Belfast, I walked north of the station and noticed that Belfast was much different from Dublin – modern architecture, very clean and everyone was polite. As I walked along the river Lagan I enjoyed the different pieces of art – the fish was one of many displays all over the city.

Since it was lunch time, I decided stopped at Mace (grocery/ deli) for a sandwich. This must be a popular lunch destination as there were many of us in line out the front door. I appreciated this as I had to decide on a sandwich – there were so many! I then had to select what type of salad. Yes, salad which is the same as lettuce, tomatoes, etc. but they call it “salad” in Ireland. I dig the concept! In addition, they had two large cases of salads so I picked as many as I could to try them out. This was the best sandwich I have ever had!!!

My trip back to the transportation hub was a different story! I walked out of the museum into an Irish downpour and since I left my umbrella in Dublin, I decided to run the 2 miles back to the train. Good news was that it wasn’t really cold just a lot of rain.

Here was my experience: Click Here